Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Cheap cheap.

Wow I am extremely pleased with myself. Why? I recently bought a top, a bag and a belt for £2 each. Where? I hear you gasp. Not Primark in all its badly designed glory, but a very nice vintage boutique. Here is the top and bag:

Pretty nifty eh? Anyway. My nails are constantly painted red, I think its silly to have an 'in' nail colour. I mean whats that all about? I have red on my nails because i like it. Not because the magazines told me to. To be honest (I could of used 'tbh' but I'm deciding to write formally for you guys) I don't really follow trends, I buy something cause I like it. Shouldn't we all? It's our clothes, therefore our decision. Express yourselves everyone! In the most uncheesey way I could say that.

'Be right back, art revision.'

Back. I think my two favourite prints are spots and floral. When I say dots, I mean polka dots, you can't go wrong with them and Luella have designed some pretty good pieces for this season may I say. I mean if anyone wants to give me this outfit I'll be more than greatful.

Rockness is 11 days away. I can just imagine it now, the strokes, sun (possibly) and my cool outfit which I am yet to buy. I'm thinking vintage with woolly socks and customised wellies. Oh and cool sunglasses of course. WOW I'M EXCITED.

Anyway I'm about to do more art so see you guys at a later date. A later date with my festival outfit. Can't wait. x

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