Friday, 25 June 2010


Bon soir all. I have decided to recreate my blog into something of far more interest and hopefully improve my writing skills. I am going to make it less about me and more of topics of disscusion, after all I am not that interesting. So in the world of the planet earth today I have browsed through debating topics and have come across the whole plastic surgery debate. I personally think surgeons should be to heal and not to make people look good and we should love the skin we're in, I know that may be the most cliché phrase ever but I totally follow it.

'You only live once'- I think I say this phrase about four times a day, it's true though. An oppurtunity no matter how big or small should be taken up as fast as you can say life. Get rid of grudges, what's the point wasting time over silly little arguements, you don't need to love the person, just be civil. If you have something to say or an opinion, don't hold back, there is no point. What I'm trying to say here is all you guys should be postive, I think I'm in love with positivity now and you guys should too. As cheesy I may sound it's the truth.

Better last post I would say. Au revoir my bloggers and I will see you when I return from my travels x

Sorry for the randomness, but this lookalike is far to true and funny to keep to myself.

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  1. nice blog :)