Friday, 18 June 2010

Bang, bang, bang.

Hey, let's be a major cliché. The suns out! But not so much in a cliché that I would sit at my window sill staring into the fields as 1. my view is a house 2. my window sill is extremely hard to sit on. Anyway, I've been to rockness, fancy seeing what I wore? mmmm'kay.

I apologies for my non-blogging. I've been mega busy! Okay now what has caught my mind this week is my new love for mark ronson. Well it isn't new, i loved him before then he annoyed me, but his new song is so good.

the video reminds me of Julian Casablancas' 11th Dimension in some areas, although I think Warren Fu directed this too, correct me if I'm wrong.

Bang, bang, bang. Man it's catchy. Yesterday I done double denim, I never thought I would do this or get it right but I'm pretty chuffed with myself. Seriously, I'm boring right now, I'm going to leave you guys this is making me sad at the fact my brain cannot form sentences that will be remotely interesting. So I'm going to go, I'm going to Belgium on Sunday and then new york so most likely I won't blog for a while, grrr the last one had to be a bad one...

On the plus side maybe be travels can bring news to you guys, hopefully because I've probably bored you enough...

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