Thursday, 3 June 2010

I Blame Me.

I've never been as obsessed with a song since 11th Dimension by Julian Casablancas, which is still on going may I say, but Caesar by I Blame Coco is an AMAZING song. It even features Robyn, remember her? Anyway the band's front woman is Coco Summer, she's stings daughter, but don't let that make you think, oh she's only famous because of her dad. She's not but she is v. cool.

She also has amazing style, I wish I could dress like that but I lack the attitude. So I'll stick to my mixed prints, dresses, skirts and baseball boots for now. Speaking of baseball boots I just got delivered the latest asos magazine. Seriously this has to be the best issue yet, it even beats the Florence Welch style one because there is a big fat article on Julian Casablancas, mmmmmmm. Seriously he has to be the coolest (and hottest) man alive look:

Asos- 'How would you describe your style?'
Julian- 'I guess you want to go on the edge without crossing it. Something that looks cool on stage but you can also pull of in a bar.'

also the strokes basically created the staple of skinny jeans and converse, did you know that?

Asos- 'How did it feel to inspire other people's style with The Strokes' uniform skinny jeans and converse?'
Julian- 'It's weird if someone is dressing exactly like you, but if someone takes it to the next level it then I think that's cool.'

Does that mean he thinks I'm cool cause I wear my converse with skirts and dresses? Oh i do hope so.

Although this is the only outfit he ever seems to wear these days, it's cool and he's allowed. I mean just look at the jacket, the jacket which he bought for $20 for a thrift store.

Wow this is getting me so hyped up for Rockness. I mean I'm away to see him in person format mmmm. I'm sorry if I bore you with my Rockness talk but you guys must realise this is my favourite band of all time that I am about to see and one of their first gigs since 2006. Now do you get why I'm so excited?

Before I descend into a long daydream of Jules and the boys I will stop.

I'm still contemplating what to wear to Rockness though, should I go get my wellies customised? Or should I buy big boots, I mean like hard boots y'know that 90's grunge look? Then should I wear shorts or is that to festival cliché? The possibilities are endless but I will end them, if you guys (all three of you) have any ideas to what my outfit should be or what your perfect outfit would be, please tell me, it would be greatly appreciated. x



  2. definately wellies instead of the boots, and shorts, yes they are the tpyical festival cliché. But shorts and wellies is love - so i'd go with it anyways.

    ~ jen