Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The First.

There is a first for everything, walking, talking, riding a bike etc. but today you are to witness my first blog post. With persuasion of my friends witty blogs and of fellow lookbookers I felt motivated to start one where I can record all the rubbish that runs through my head.
Firstly choosing a title I thought was different failed as when I tried to make my HTML, it was already taken. Okay. Secondly, I'm writing to no one as I don't think anyone will see this post, as my blog will not become popular and lastly, well hello. Now for a quick subject change (I'm good at this y'know). Most would not complain with six weeks of study leave, only going into school eight times during the period but I'm really, really bored. The two really's are empahising you see. So when boredum comes what do you do? HELLO CHOCOLATE. But on the plus side its 25 days until I see the Strokes and Blondie and whoever else, I don't care about the others, I only care for The Strokes and a bit of Blondie but mostly The Strokes. mmmmm.
Before I descend into a list of my life I will stop as that is not interesting, yes I'm not a very interesting person, I don't do crazy things, the craziest thing I've done today was cook beans. Wow, the rebel prize goes to me. Also before I leave there is one thing you should know, I'm a great follower of sarcasm so beware, my humour may not meet your standards after all I found the bean thing hilarious.

Anyway bye from me, hello to my home boys (The Strokes).

Again I find that funny.

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